I’m interested in combining the physical and digital realms. My creations incorporate materials arranged in a tessellated array of three-dimensional formations. I overlay these sculptures with geometrically mapped projections of specifically tailored motion graphics. My animations are inspired by reoccurring mathematical patterns found in nature such as the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio and other forms of geometry. As these shapes shift, melt and contort, they highlight the sculpture’s surface with bright vivid colors.

In addition, metallic and organic auditory information is added in the form of synthesized sound waves. The transformative textures render rhythmically to the undulating soundscapes of the zaps, bleeps and blaps. With this augmentation, viewers are not restricted to the traditional paradigm of a two-dimensional viewing screen.  With playful elements of illusion, I generate themes from my vision of the future, space, nature and alternate dimensions.  My intention with this symbiosis of the digitized physical is to simulate a state of consciousness not experienced in our everyday realities.


Jeffrey Yip is a new media artist in Oakland California. Highly interested in the intersection of art and technology, he creates environments, often utilizing digital media to enhance the overall experience by integrating visualizations in unison with sound. One area of focus currently in his practice is projection mapping. This technique allows Jeffrey to combine the digital world with the physical through light, sound and sculpture. Animation is layered on top of his geometric sculptures, and then joined with organic and synthesized sound to create a symbiosis of the various mediums.